Janet Ding –

Yoga with Heart, Body and Mind

In the past decades, I have experienced the power of joy and inner peace that yoga can bring to one's life. The pleasure of finding joy in the happiness and success of others is what ‘Mudita’ means to me. I became passionate about sharing this experience with others. I spent one decade learning about the yogic concepts of a peaceful mind, mindful mobility, a harmonised interaction between inner and external strength and a balanced path thriving for health. Having overcome many physical and emotional challenges in the past by practicing yoga, I felt ready to attain teaching qualifications in Hatha Yoga (RYS 500, Yoga Alliance USA) and Ashtanga (RYS 200, Yoga Alliance USA & UK) in India.  Constantly evolving my practice, I help students develop their inner potential for physical and mental health in a friendly and playful way.

Yoga asana practice for:

* Breathing


*Heart Opening

*Stretching & Strength Development

*Inner Growth

Students of all levels are warmly welcome! Please contact me for any personal queries