Benefits of yoga are quite well known : toning, stretching and relaxing all at once. But more people should know about the benefits of Janet’s yoga classes!
I’ve tried yoga classes in different settings and this is the one that definitely suits me.
I’ve never felt really good with my own body and Janet’s attention to details helps me build confidence and I really get to know my own body better with each class.
She has got excellent interpersonal skills : I feel she instantly gets my state of mind, better than myself and she manages to tailor the perfect session every time, it feels exactly right.
I love her attitude to yoga : a relaxed, fun and enjoyable moment. I must say that she became my body and mind's best friend!


By Clotilde Rndn

One experiences Janet's yoga classes with a sense of fulfilment, accomplishment and increased knowledge of practice.  Her teaching is particularly informative,  focused on correct alignment and bringing awareness to breathing and one's body and mind as a whole.  She has a relaxed and flexible approach that holistically caters to the diversity of her students.


By Graham Aston

Janet is one of the best yoga teachers I have had during my practice both in Europe and Asia in the past seven years. She gives lots of attention to making the pose work exactly for you, makes one mindful and has just powerful presence which makes you smile. She helped me to get rid of my digestion issues through yoga and made my life much happier.

By Veronika Stepkova